A course for veterinarians who treat allergic cats.



We also have courses that review the medical management options available for treating allergic skin and ear diseases in dogs.

With eight hours of RACE-approved CE, you will learn *nearly* everything you need to know about the medications available to treat your allergic canine patients.

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The Cat Course is a RACE-approved online course for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The course is self-paced and you will have lifetime access.
RACE APPROVED #20-1036698.

Worksheets, infographics, pet owner handouts, medication guides, and extra credit reading are included to expedite your learning.


We are all struggling with cats

Managing allergic skin and ear disease in cats is actually really hard. And, there are several reasons for this. Cats are mysterious. And, our knowledge of their atopic illness barely scratches the surface.

Updates have been made to our understanding of Feline Atopic Skin Syndrome (thank you ICADA 2021), but we have a long way to go! This course serves as a way to honor what we know about this majestic species – and provide a framework to our clinical practice when we see an itchy cat on our schedule.

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Here we review the basics of Feline Atopic Skin Syndrome and the updates to terminology from 2021. This is a solid review that we all need.

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This module will really help you understand the WHY of Feline Atopic Skin Syndrome. This is a practical and clinically-oriented review.

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I cover it all in this module – a review of the four main cutaneous reaction patterns seen with FASS. And, a great review of feline otitis.

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This module will review how to make the diagnosis of FASS. We discuss how to rule out flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy, and so much more! This is KEY.

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A comprehensive module on all treatment options available for cats with FASS. I include a review of cyclosporine, oclacitinib, steroids, flea medication, and much more. 

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Things sometimes go wrong. This module will help us learn how to prevent and manage these potential complications. I also talk about kitty minutes and cat owner expectations! 

How it is delivered!

Work through the material at your own pace, on your own schedule

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  • 8 hours of RACE-approved continuing education, #20-1036698
  • 15+ separate video lessons
  • Tons of resources and handouts
  • Targeted, practical, organized, energizing, empowering
  • Go at your own pace!
  • Learn things that you have never learned before!


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Dr. Michelle Hobbs - DVM, General Practice

“I have been frustrated with so many of my cat cases. After taking this course, I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to approach these cases so I can actually see success and make a difference. It was a great course and I highly recommend.”

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Dr. Andrew Huffington - DVM, General Practice

“I am really impressed by how Dr. Painter takes a very complex topic and breaks it down so you can actually apply it in practice. Taking this course is way better than hearing a 50-min lecture at a conference. It actually sticks. Strongly encourage anyone in general practice to sign up”

Do you offer group, student, or technician discounts?

YES! If you are an intern, resident, or veterinary technician, you are eligible for a discount. Groups are also eligible for discounts depending on the size of the practice. Contact me for a code! Cost should **NEVER** impact your ability to receive this information. If money is tight, let me know and I will help you out! 

I am not sure if the content is right for me – can I try it out first?

Of course! I have confidence that you will learn something, but if it just isn’t for you then I would rather you spend your valuable dollars elsewhere. Requests for refunds must be received within 30 days of purchase.

Do you offer consults for me or my practice?

Yes! I am more than happy to book a consultation or live session with your practice. This can help solidify topics and address specific issues related to your practice. Scheduling is flexible. Contact me for details. 

Do you have a community aspect to your program?

Kind of! You can become part of VetHive – an educational platform where you can receive additional CE and clinical support. I am a dermatology Guide on this platform and *love it*. Learn more HERE.