Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

A course for veterinarians 



As a veterinary dermatologist, I receive questions every single day from primary care veterinarians who are curious about what test to do and when. 

I created this course to help answer those questions – and then some! You will learn so much about the diagnostic process and value of allergy tests – and immunotherapy – in your practice. There is a lot of new information out there; this course covers it all! 

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Allergy testing and Immunotherapy is a 6-hour RACE approved (#20-1118926) course geared toward primary care veterinarians who are interested in learning more about diagnosis, testing, and allergen-specific immunotherapy. This course will be useful for any veterinarian who sees allergic dogs and cats!

This course was sponsored by

This course was sponsored by


Allergies are hard. 
Knowing what test to do and when is harder. 

I take a very practical approach to reviewing allergic disease in dogs and cats in this course. I outline how we make an accurate diagnosis, how we employ allergy tests in that process, and how immunotherapy is used for patients with allergic disease.

The allergy testing space is changing rapidly. And, it is important for veterinarians to stay up-to-date and know how to talk about this important subject with pet owners. This course reviews all that, and even provides you with free handouts to use in your clinic! 

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Here we review the basics of diagnosis. It is fundamental that we all know how to make an accurate diagnosis of canine atopic dermatitis. Start here!

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I review hypersensitivity reactions, allergic pathogenesis, and other nerdy details in this section. This is practical and fun.

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We review serology testing and intradermal testing at length. When, why, and how these tests are done to make sure there is an optimal patient outcome.

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We review allergen-specific immunotherapy options including sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy. This is practical and super informative!

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We talk about common mistakes and missteps that occur with allergy testing and immunotherapy. There is a large emphasis on how to talk with pet owners about this all.

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Everyone loves a good case study – so we have a few here to help solidify basic concepts from the course.

How it is delivered!

Work through the material at your own pace, on your own schedule

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  • Limited time offer for sign ups! $100 off for launch!
  • 6 hours of RACE-approved (#20-1118926) continuing education
  • 15 separate video lessons 

  • Tons of resources and handouts 

  • Practical advice from a fun, passionate Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologist®

  • Self-paced 

  • Learn new things! 


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DVM, General Practice, Boston area

“I saw Dr. Painter lecture at a local VMA event and knew that I had to take this course. The information here has been really helpful for me and I feel like I am using this information on the daily now. I love the handouts and extra reading too. THANK YOU!”

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DVM, General Practice, Wyoming

“The number of dog owners who come in with
those saliva tests is driving me insane. This course gave
me language to use to help these owners in a way that actually got my patient to a better place. 10/10 recommend.”
Do you offer group, student, or technician discounts?

YES! If you are an intern, resident, or veterinary technician, you are eligible for a discount. Groups are also eligible for discounts depending on the size of the practice. Contact me for a code! Cost should **NEVER** impact your ability to receive this information. If money is tight, let me know and I will help you out! 

I am not sure if the content is right for me – can I try it out first?

Of course! I have confidence that you will learn something, but if it just isn’t for you then I would rather you spend your valuable dollars elsewhere. Requests for refunds must be received within 30 days of purchase.

Do you offer consults for me or my practice?

Yes! I am more than happy to book a consultation or live session with your practice. This can help solidify topics and address specific issues related to your practice. Scheduling is flexible. Contact me for details. 

Do you have a community aspect to your program?

Kind of! You can become part of VetHive – an educational platform where you can receive additional CE and clinical support. I am a dermatology Guide on this platform and *love it*. Learn more HERE.